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I have been racing Formula Ford for several years, but not very well and not competitive lap times. I took the advanced day at Willow Springs in June. The instructors were great, and the best part was the video/data analysis and "download" after each session. By the end of the day, I was 2.6 seconds faster mostly with the help of data overlays that showed where I was doing well and where I could go faster. One month later at Sonoma Raceway, I went 1.5 seconds faster in qualifying and the race than I had ever done before. I would not have improved at that rate without your advanced school instruction. Thanks!

Dan W

This school is in a class of its own. Where else can you get instruction from a Formula 1 driver and learn proven techniques with relevant modern open wheel race cars? This school will teach you what you need to know to make it as a pro!

Christopher Fraser

I brought my team out to drive and we had a GREAT time! We can't wait to go out again!

David Lachoff

For me it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever had. Growing up in Europe, watching and admiring the sport of Formula 1, this experience has been the closest I have gotten to actually get a sense of the excitement and challenges of racing such cars. Allen and his team are extremely professional and focused on safety, yet make the entire experience ultimate fun at the same time. I am looking forward to racing again soon, and bringing family and friends. Oh, I think some bragging rights are included too.

Rolf van de Velde

I saw a deal for the Indy Car driving lessons on my local Amazon Deals and thought it would be a great present for 2 of my sons. As the gift giver, getting the text "You're the best. I'm gonna try to get my license to race", was an absolutely amazing feeling. Allen and company were wonderful to deal with and answered all my questions. This was one of the best gift giving experiences of my life.


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