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This is what it's all about... Just you, perfectly fit into the cockpit of a carbon-fiber, open-wheel formula car with Hankook racing slick tires. No windows, no doors, no fenders, just you in a winged single-seater that only knows one way to drive: FAST. Suited-up, revving the engine, ready to take on the circuit, and the only thing on your mind is: "I should have done this years ago."

ABRS provides every driver with a truly authentic racing experience. Our purpose-built formula racing cars are the same as machines used in international competition, unique in the racing school industry.

We are also the only racing school to employ MoTeC data acquisition technology on all of our racecars, the same data systems used by teams in the Indy Racing League, ALMS, and at the legendary Indianapolis 500.

We record each driver's information and use it to monitor and improve driver performance, providing a direct comparison to experienced pro racers under the same conditions.

And, to ensure that their experience at ABRS is truly unforgettable, every car has GoPro on board video cameras. At the end of their course, each driver's in-car video and lapping data along with a copy of the MoTeC software is available to take home for bragging rights and future study.

Returning students, back for advanced training or special lapping sessions, always get more out of their visits by reviewing their last time at the school. "You never need to go back to 'square one' with our system," said school founder and former Formula One World Championship driver, Allen Berg. "Watching your previous laps and looking at the track data from your last time in the car puts a driver just that much more ahead - and in tune - when they come back to learn more, or to practice all the techniques that they've already acquired by doing some fast lapping."

Allen Berg GP Racing Experience

Here is your chance to take it right to the ultimate level and get behind the wheel of the 1998 Benetton B198. These authentic racecars competed in the 1998 Formula One World Driver's Championship season, piloted by Alexander Wurz and Giancarlo Fisichella. Our program enables you to take on the role of pro formula car driver for a day. We provide you with all the tools and knowledge needed to prepare you to drive the Benetton B198, from lessons in car control, track orientation, and time behind the wheel of our Formula Renault cars to bring you up to speed. We also provide you with several other mementos to capture this once in a lifetime experience
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One Day Program

In this one-day school you'll learn and apply all of the fundamentals and skills needed to control a very quick formula racecar.  This progam will give you sort of seat time that it takes to really understand and enjoy the kind of incredible feedback that a real carbon fiber formula car gives it's driver.  And, of course this full day of driving includes an afternoon of open lapping sessions.

During your day you'll also be a part of authentic debriefing sessions using our state-of-the-art MoTeC data systems to see, understand, and critque your driving just like the pros do. In this high-tech, highly-charged environment you'll be driving these open-wheeled racecars as fast as your capabilities will allow! 

At the end of the day your complete track data information and the in-car video record of your laps is uploaded to our website along with a copy of the MoTeC software for you to review and relive your experiences at home with friends and family any time you want to.

This is by far our most popular program and the basis for ABRS Corporate Events, as well as the preliminary program for our Advanced One Day Program.   

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Two Day Program

Our premier program where you will gain comprehensive insight into professional race driving. We provide thorough classroom theory, advanced driving techniques and meticulous instruction, while driving our Formula racecars at their limits.

During this course we extensively utilize our MoTeC on board data acquisition and video systems to analyze and interpret your data with you, to further improve and fine tune your driving performance.

At the end of your course we provide you with a complimentary USB drive loaded with your video, data and MoTeC software, so you can continue to learn from your time with us!

Graduates of our Two Day Programs have the qualifications to apply for a WCMA Novice Road Racing Licenses.

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Three Day Program

In this advanced program you will apply all the skills developed over three days of intensive training that will culminate with your driving wheel to wheel against our experienced instructors, while fully exploring the limits of our Formula racecars. 

 Again, our MoTeC on board data acquisition and video sytems are used  to give you the exacting sort of direct, on-the-spot feed-back that will aloow you to fine tune your driving performance.

At the end of the course your complete track data information and the in-car video record of your laps is uploaded to the Allen Berg website along with a copy of the MoTeC software for you to review and relive your experiences at home with friends and family any time you desire..

We are now authorized to recommend students for a Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Regional Competition License upon the student's successful completion of the comprehensive Three-Day ABRS race driving program.

From Jeff Dahnert Club President: “SCCA is pleased to welcome Allen Berg Racing Schools to our accredited driving school program.  Our members have many different needs when it comes to driver training and our accredited schools offer a valuable option to drivers interested in starting a racing career with SCCA.”




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Advanced Day Program

For graduates of our One Day Formula Car Program, we offer the second day of our two-day program which allows Allen Berg Racing Schools students to refresh, refine, and apply the special techniques and unique skills acquired during the basic course.

This program follows the same format as second day of our two day program. During this course you will have access to MoTeC on board data acquisition and video systems to analyse your data and fine tune your driving performance. ABRS professionals work with each to see that they understand and benefit from this data.

When students return home, they're able to access all of their recorded lap data. They'll be able to download a copy of the MoTec software along with the video and data track of their day at the speedway for personal study and to share with friends and family.

In motorsport, you never stop learning.

ABRS starts with the fundamentals and has the ability to guide a serious driver through all of advanced techniques used at the top levels of professional racing.

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Fast Track Program

·  2 lapping sessions
·  Video and Data Acquisition
·  All driving gear supplied

The perfect way to find out about formula car driving at a reasonable price.  The old saying: “Speed costs money … how fast do you want to go?” needs to be retired because Allen Berg Racing Schools have come up with the perfect way to find out about (or feed!) your need. Isn’t this really something you should have done years ago?

Here’s your opportunity to get behind the steering wheel of a open-wheel, carbon fiber, 5-speed-sequential-shifting, formula car outfitted with Hankook racing slicks and high downforce wings on the road course at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

Here’s your chance to have a world class competition driving experience with pro instruction from a former Formula One driver and his staff.

In this three hour program we'll provide you with all the driving equipment (helmet, suit, gloves), give you a classroom briefing on the controls of an authentic carbon fiber chassis formula car, followed by a track orientation from one of our professional instructors. We then take you out on the road course for a (very) fast 25 minute lead/follow session, followed by a further (most) unforgetable 25 minute open practice session!

You will receive a printout of your fasted lap as recorded by our MoTeC data Aquisition computers, comparing your performance to one of our instructors. Also included is a complimentary copy of your on board video camera footage, recorded on our Contour Cameras!

This is the sort of driving adventure that one can only get a hold of in a fast formula car on a tricky high-speed road course.  Suit up, pull on your full-face helmet, slip down into the cockpit, pull that 6-point harness down real tight, and get ready to race the wind one-on-one.

Whether it’s the first day of a pro career, or a one-time shot to just prove something to yourself; there’s simply nothing like the feeling of guiding a thoroughbred formula car through its paces.  Brake hard, shift quickly, correct precisely, feel the slightest change of surface through your fingertips, and put a permanent smile on your psyche … All in three hours at Fontana!

Allen Berg Racing Schools is the place to find out for yourself about all of the above … and much more.

PS: Leaving a copy of this note where it can be easily found with a little strategic underlining or a bit of well-placed highlighting on it might not be such a bad idea too.  Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and “just because” are all great reasons for a thoughtful and appreciated gift like this one would be.  And … there’s no hassle with the gift wrap!

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