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Mar 29, 2011

Wilkinsons Automobilia


Ever wonder about that old neighbor who bought the 1970’s MG, and mysteriously found a pristine copy of the original owner’s manual?  Ever wonder about that buddy who got an exact scale model of his Porsche from his wife for his birthday?  Where do these people find this stuff???  Here’s the answer:

Wilkinson’s Automobilia in Vancouver! 

If you are a serious car person, do NOT expect to visit this store on your way somewhere.  You will miss whatever meeting was on the other end of that trip, we promise!  The last time I walked in there, Ted Wilkinson and his staff were unpacking a stunning and massive collection of Ferrari items, including Shummi helmets, scale models, books, etc.  Authentic stuff!!

 You can get a minor taste of what’s in store by checking out their website at , but the only TRUE way to experience the full impact of the Wilkinsons Collection, is to show up with a hot Starbucks beverage (Venti, for sure!) and get ready to browse, and browse and browse!  You will use terms like “Hey!” and “No Way!” and “Are you KIDDING me?!” many times during your first visit.    Our pleasure is in directing people to this great Canadian automotive institution, and getting the thank you’s after the fact.  Let us know what you find and what you take home with you!!!