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Apr 22, 2014

New Feature: Alan Lau's Photo of the Week

Every Week, a New Photo from our Photographer, Alan Lau

Starting this week, Allen Berg Racing Schools is rolling out a new feature on its homepage: Alan Lau's Photo of the Week. Alan has been a strong member of the ABRS team in providing his services to the school over the last year. He is currently a student in the Los Angeles area, where he also helps run and participate in a variety of car meetups and weekend drives. When he's not behind the wheel at these events, he is often found behind the camera, snapping gorgeous photos of gorgeous automobiles. His work in photography expands beyond just the automotive field; he is credited to company product photos, and regularly shoots scenic and night sky photos in his free time.

To present some examples of the work that he does for us, you will find a new photo on our homepage each week. So keep an eye out, there will be a lot to see!